Leopold Weninger and Walter Schanil create the partnership wsop. In the beginning we did consulting and software development projects

Foundation of wsop GmbH 1989

wsop starts development of software products. In this context the decision was made to transform wsop into a GmbH.

Two products have been released: D!RECT BASE is a marketing- and sales-information-system and CEUS (Cedel End User System) as frontend to cross-border clearing and settlement of securities

breakthrough 1991

As more than 30 customers used CEUS we have been contacted by Cedel (Luxembourg). Cedel was interested in buying CEUS and to integrate it into its own portfolio.

From now ongoing development was done by wsop, design and technical requirements have been defined by Cedel (Cedcom 2000).

This fruitful cooperation with Cedel lasted till 2004 as planned from the beginning

1994: Development of NEX.IT

Based on common experiences the idea was born to develop a corporate toolset for integrated planning of both projects and day-to-day business tasks.

Requirements have been defined according to existing partial solutions in wsop.

1994 we did definition, market analysis and conception work; up till now the method NEX.IT still proves its value with several customers

Euro, Y2K and Hype

wsop always looked at this short-run trend with sense of proportion. As part of development of the frontend Cedcom 2000 we managed comprehensive Euro- and Year-2000-Projects.

The biggest consulting project (project management) we did with Winterthur as part of a long time cooperation

Concentration on core-business and internationalisation

Actually we are concentrating on consulting projects, on very specific SW-solutions and on user support. More than 50% of our consulting projects are international projects in EU and non-EU countries.

As a basis for ongoing expansion we started 2007 to establish offices in Budapest, Hungary, Prishtina, Kosovo and Tirana, Albania.

Furthermore we concentrate on cooperations with diligent selected partners to offer additional services and products to our customers to provide additional benefit to them