Control Your Requirements

Requirements Management & Engineering (RM&E)

Very often projects fail. Analyses show they do not fail because of technical reasons. It´s because management of requirements and continuos clear communication do not work properly. You can find this central theme from Customers to Suppliers and Manufacturers.

Even in straightforward projects requirements are not always fulfilled. Especially in complex development processes it becomes more and more complicated to make sure, requirements are solved. And last but not least – requirements are changed in almost every running project.

Visure Requirements is the tool for our customers. It is consistent. People like to use it because it is so simple. And on the other side it offers the needed precision to provide sustainable support to the whole requirements engineering process.

Visure Requirements is intended to help reduce costs through reusability, supporting product families, variants and requirements reuse, inviting users to migrate from the „document“ management, to explore the engaging experience of a new generation of information centric requirements tools.

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