NEX.IT – The Method

The idea

Planning underlies a number of inherent necessities. More and more Enterprises organize bigger activities as projects. Projects have their life cycle independantly from standard activities such as sales, administration, maintenance. Standard activities are ongoing business and are planned periodically.

Typically, employees are – besides their standard activities – involved in projects. Frequently, planning for these employees is done twice – for each project and for the standard activities. Reporting is separated, too. Balancing of work load between projects and standard business typically causes tremendous effort.

The Solution

All of the above aspects make it reasonable to use only one tool for integrated resource management: a common planning approach and tool for both, project related and standard business.

NEX.IT is the method and tool for overall resource management. It combines the planning aspects of the organizational units and those of projects. Still everyone can plan in the way, he is familiar with.

As a major benefit, the overall resource utilization can be monitored across project and standard business, leading to a significant increase in the accuracy of planning.

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