Organisations Management

 Changes in structure and in processes will be filled with life from staffers only if they understand and are convinced of its meaningfulness / realize it to be a (personal) advantage.

Your Benefits & Your Profit

This means the proven combination of our experiences in cooperation with and working for various organizations for decades and scientific based methods.

What we do not offer: fluffy recipes to cover all situations.

Your situation is unique. It´s worth to ask for „right practice“ and for experienced companions. Maybe you are starting a critical summit ascent – let us be your Sherpa.


Let´s keep in mind the specific dynamics of your organization to grant transfer of know-how without friction losses and produce an environment for your staffers to live in a constructive manner.

Service Offering / Core Competences

Change Management

The Design of organizational changes requires meaningful structures and sure instinct to avoid incipient conflicts. Projects generate Change; the need of changes often creates Projects. We support you in managing this area of tension in a sensitive manner.

Business Process Management

Maybe some proven procedures changed because of the actual situation of your business. To keep the organization lean but efficient and powerful always leads to key issues as: „who does what and how?“. The cooperative elaboration of which core-processes to be (re)designed has proven as good investment.

Concentration on those core-processes means concentration on your business success. And no dissipating.

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