Project Management

In many cases it is back-breaking work. Managing projects in a manner that really supports the business objectives of your organization sometimes becomes really a challenge (one of the main areas of our consultancy business). We concentrate permanently on the acting persons, their tasks and roles. We support cooperation – we do not want to have „affected persons“.Furthermore we refine the methods and procedures, the organization and the tools in an ongoing process. And we can offer valuable assistance based on our long experience.

Your Benefits & Your Profit

Manage your projects as good as necessary for you (and not as good as theoretically possible) – our method NEX.IT PM concentrates exactly on the structures needed to fulfill your specific needs.


Let´s grant jointly your projects to be realized on time and on budget and to fulfill the goals agreed.

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Service Offering / Core Competences

Establish a culture of Project Management

Performing projects must be based on common agreed rules. The cultural and the formal aspects of how to cooperate is crucial success factor for projects. We support you in establishing a culture of Project Management according to the needs of your enterprise.

Elaboration of your specific PM Method

Usage of well defined method is the basic element for project success. As is with well tailored internal and external communication. Depending on the kind and the volume of your projects and based on the culture of your organization we jointly elaborate clear and practical Project Management guidelines and manuals. It also incorporates best practice and scientific proven methods.

Implementation and execution

Exact tailored workshops and coaching are valuable support to establish your specific PM method. We´d like to implement this method in your organization too. And in case of a tight situation during project execution we would be happy to strengthen your team.


Sometimes it makes sense to outsource the management of specific projects. As practitioners we can give valuable input in taking over the management of a project. And even in almost hopeless situations we can support you bringing it back on track. And, of course, we are ready to take  responsibility for time, budget and results.

The method NEX.IT PM was developed by wsop to support Project Management.