Blue Ant – the Software

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Blue Ant, the »Single Point of Information«

Blue Ant is a Multi-Project Management Software, to 100% web based. It supports you for planning, Steering, Reporting, Monitoring and Control of all your Projects.

Transparency supports Key Decisions

All information that is important for decision making can be provided by your staff at the push of a button. Thus, planning and monitoring is supported by most current information.

Better Documentation of ongoing Tasks

Blue Ant enables forward-looking planning, making bottlenecks in resources or conflicts in the timeline visible, leading to better decisions. Nevertheless, project steering has its own laws. In many cases things are different from expectations. Both, the organisational and the project world are supported by Blue Ant.

Blue Ant Projektmanagementsoftware

Work Flows help saving Time

Data input is time consuming. Repetitive input is waste of time. Blue Ant helps to avoid such repetitive input. Data is prepared automatically according to the users needs. Thus, the Controller or Organisational Manager can access the requied information and key indicators without bothering the Project Manager.

Numerous Interfaces ease Integration

As a rule, existing systems should be integrated rather than replaced. The staff is used to handle them and only need to cope with the added value and functionality provided by the project management software. Integration is based on Web Services provided by Blue Ant, feeding external systems or retrieving information from such systems.

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